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Exhibition 2002

Each year, the Exhibition awards prizes for various aspects of the event: modelling competition, layout awards, popular votes and of course the guessing competition. In 2002 they were as follows:

Open Modelling Competition Results

Scratchbuilt Locomotive

  1. Trevor Hodges – O Scale 48 Class Locomotive 84 Points
  2. Col Shepherd – O Scale 60 Class Locomotive 82 Points
  3. Col Shepherd – O Scale 55 Class Locomotive 78 Points

Scratchbuilt Rollingstock

  1. Trevor Hodges – O Scale FO Carriage 93 Points
  2. Trevor Hodges – O Scale CCA Carriage 92 Points
  3. Peter Boorman – N Scale HG Guards Van 66 Points

Scratchbuilt Lineside

  1. Graeme Goodsell – N Scale Elevated Timber Signal Box 93 Points
  2. Hugh O’Dempsey – HO Scale Food Processing Plant 55 Points
  3. Hugh O’Dempsey – HO Scale Coastal Trading Ship 44 Points

Kitbased / Proprietary Locomotive

  1. Bill Cox – HO Scale NR DL Locomotive 77 Points
  2. Phil Skelton – HO Scale 12 Class Locomotive 70 Points
  3. Christopher/Colin Gate – O Scale 48 Class Locomotive 67 Points

Kitbased / Proprietary Rollingstock

  1. Mike Crompton – HO Scale Roadrail Van 85 Points
  2. Robert Merrick – HO Scale TurretTender 54 Points

Kit Based / Proprietary Lineside

  1. Hugh O’Dempsey – HO Scale Shop 45 Points
  2. Hugh O’Dempsey – HO Scale Refinery 44 Points

President’s Cup

Graeme Goodsell – N Scale Elevated Timber Signal Box

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