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Exhibition 2011

Each year, the Exhibition awards prizes for various aspects of the event: modelling competition, layout awards, popular votes and of course the guessing competition. In 2011 they were as follows:

Modelling Competition Results

Scratchbuilt Locomotives

  1. N Scale V Set Power Car, 83 points, Colin Bolin
  2. HO Scale Maintenance Vehicle, 77 points, Erwina Papp
  3. O Scale 422 Class Locomotive, 65 points, Lance Pickering and Colin Shepherd

Scratchbuilt Rolling Stock

  1. N Scale KKG Horse Box, 82 points, Graeme Goodsell

Scratchbuilt Lineside Structure

  1. N Scale Carlwood Station 80 points, Rob Popovski

Kitbased Locomotive

  1. O Scale 19 Class Locomotive, 95 points, Trevor Hodges

Kitbased Rolling Stock

  1. N Scale Bogie Milk Tanker, 85 points, Graeme Goodsell
  2. HO Scale SFS RUB Car, 68 points, Don Stevens
  3. HO Scale BS First Class Car, 65 points, Don Stevens

Kitbased Lineside Structure - Nil entries

School Students Encouragement Award

  1. HO Scale NPRY Cement Hoppers, 64 points, Mark Dalli
  2. HO Scale NGGF Sugar Wagon, 44 points, Sam Cawdell-Smith

President's Cup - 19 Class Locomotive, Trevor Hodges

Exhibit Awards

Best Layout -Dungog - North Shore Railway Modellers Association (HO Scale)

Australian Prototype - Private  - Arakoola - Paul Chisholm (O Scale)

Australian Prototype - Club - Dungog - North Shore Railway Modellers Association (HO Scale)

Overseas Prototype - Private - Shady Hollow- Viv Farrow (On30 Scale)

Overseas Prototype - Club - Kelly River - Illawarra Model Railway Association (HO Scale)

Best Commercial Exhibit - Berg's Hobbies

Highly Commended: - Avoca (HO Scale)

AMRA/HMRS Award Exhibitors Choice - Avoca - Simon Hanby (HO Scale)
and Arakoola - Paul Chisolm (O Scale)

Sydney N Scale MRC Award -South Creek – NSW N Scale Group (N Scale)
Best N Scale Layout

Hannah Kelly Memorial Award - Tarana - Georges River Model Railway Club (N Scale)
Best Australian Scenery

Iron Horse Hobbies Award - Avoca - Simon Hanby (HO Scale)
Best Proprietary Layout

Larmour Family "Wombat" Award - Traintasia - Keith King (G Scale)
Best Childrens Layout

Most Popular Exhibit Vote -Brickston Valley - Sydney Lego Train Club (Lego)
Prize R Pettit - (Casula Hobbies train set)

Guessing Competition

  1. W Gallant - (Layout and Train Set)
  2. Kaitlin - (CLP Locomotive) Donated by Austrains
  3. G Edmond - (Sydney Suburban Parcel Van) Donated by Berg's Hobbies
  4. P Briggs - (Louvered van set) Donated by Auscision Models
  5. H Anndel - (44 Class Locomotive) Donated by Toms Hobbies
  6. R Boots - (Thomas Set) Donated by Train Shed
  7. L Anderson (Goods Shed) Donated by Auscision Models
  8. B Noakes - (Voucher) Donated by Iron Horse Hobbies
  9. K Townsend - (CDs) Donated by Keiran Ryan Models
  10. R Shute - (2 Wagons) Donated by Orient Express
  11. Vincent - (Air Brush) Donated by Runway 13
  12. W Lake - (Starter Pack) Donated by Modratec
  13. B Moloney - (Pc3 Station Kit) Donated by Casula Hobbies
  14. K Townsend - (Book Volume 2) Donated by Railway Portraits
  15. P Doherty - (Coal Hoppers) Donated by Frate N
  16. G Maklin - (Log Wagon Kit) Donated by Rail Scale Models
  17. K Miray - (Family Pass Voucher) Donated by The Sydney Tramway Museum
  18. B Sherringham - (Powerline VHG) Donated by Train World
  19. M Wilcockson - (Trees) Donated by Trackside Trees
  20. Bouveng - (CHG Brake Van) Donated by Eureka Models
  21. W Cameron - (CTC Signals) Donated by Auscision Models
  22. P Pantelis - (Voucher) Donated by Kerroby Models
  23. Dennis - (AR Kits MLV) Donated by Hobbyland
  24. Bouveng - (Book Trams - Bondi to Opera House) Donated by ARHS
  25. L Nastevski - (Book Alco) Donated by ARHS
  26. R Rumble - (Fuel Tanker Kit) Pallas Hobbies
  27. W Hopkins - (Tractor) Donated by Forest Miniatures
  28. E Sakey - (Soldering Iron) Donated by Tinkering Tools
  29. S Irwin - (Tap & Die Set) Donated by Tinkering Tools
  30. C Lamb - (DVDs (2)) Donated by Peter Cartwright
  31. R Stoker -(Container) Donated by SDS Models
  32. G Callaghan - (Container) Donated by SDS Models
  33. D Dupres - (Underlay) Donated by Trackrite
  34. R Herbert - (Calender) Donated by Rail Transport Museum
  35. J Tailby - (Book Grease to Braids) Donated by ARHS
  36. R Jarvis - (Tea Towel) Donated by Train Pictures
  37. M Hude - (10 Photos) Donated by AARP
  38. M Richardson - (DVD) Donated by Train Pictures
  39. S Davidson - (N Scale Truck Kit) Donated by Peter Boormans Workshop
  40. K Every - (Magazine) Donated by Auscision Models
  41. Y Ogston - (Magazine - Aust Railways Illust) Donated by Auscision Models
  42. C Mills-Spinks - (Vase, Teddy & Scarf) Donated by AMRA Needles and Natter
  43. C Graham - (drink bottle) Donated by Alco World
  44. D Thomson - (International Box Van) Donated by Gwydir Valley Models
  45. M Peters - (2 cars) Donated by Scaleworkshop
  46. W Phillips - (2 cars) Donated by Scaleworkshop
  47. A Curtis - (2 cars) Donated by Scaleworkshop
  48. B Redshaw - (Pencil Case - Flying Scotsman) Donated by Trains Planes & Autos
  49. Matthew - (Set of Buses) Donated by Gwydir Valley Models
  50. D Jones - (3 CD's) Donated by Don Allen
  51. J Streatfiels - (Subscription) Donated by AMRM

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